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The group of Prof. Hubert Ebert is active in the following scientific networks and research collaborations:

DFG Research Unit 1346

Dynamical Mean-Field Approach with Predictive Power for Strongly Correlated Materials

SFB 689

Spin phenomena in reduced dimensions

DFG Priority Program SPP 1415 - crystalline non-equilibrium phases

Kristalline Nichtgleichgewichtsphasen (KNG) - Präparation, Charakterisierung und in-situ-Untersuchung der Bildungsmechanismen

DFG Priority Program SPP 1538 - Spincat

Spin caloric transport

DFG Priority Program SPP 1666 - Topological Insulators

Topological Insulators: Materials - Fundamental Properties - Devices

BMBF project 05K13WMA

3D Multichannel-Vector-Spinpolarimeter at BESSY
together with
G. Schönhense, Mainz
M. Morgenstern, Aachen
H. Elmers, Mainz
O. Rader, Berlin / BESSY



A multiple scattering computing platform for (nano) materials

COST Action MP1306

Modern Tools for Spectroscopy on Advanced Materials: a European Modelling Platform


Information about the Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker Green's Function method


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