Lecture 'Mathematik für Naturwissenschaftler'

Prof. Dr. H. Ebert


IMPORTANT: The tutorials will be hold in person starting on Tuesday, 26.10.2021. There will be some information about the lecture at all but also the first sheet will be discussed. The separation into the groups was made by Mr. Engel. We do not have any influence on this, so we kindly ask you to keep the separation valid.



Group 1, 4 and 6 at 13-14 o'clock in Bayer-HS

Group 2, 3 and 5 at 13-14 o'clock in Butenandt-HS


Place and Time

For the time please have a look to the official time tables


Lecture Notes

The script is available for download in three variants:

At the moment there is no posibility to spread free copies of the script.


Annotated lecture notes and Maxima examples

Annotated notes will be published after the lecture. For download you will need a login given in the very first lecture. Please read also the legal terms for usage at the end of the page.

For some maxima examples one needs the additional bibliothek of functions:

The examples from the script are also available as maxima notebooks:

The following list leads you to some video introductions to wxMaxima:



We will offer you the possibility to gather some Bonuspoints to change to a better mark in winter term 2021/2020. We will inform you here how to receive them latest in the very first lecturing week. The bonus points can be used only to improve the mark of the first exam if you already passed it. They can not be used to pass the exam and not in the retake exam.

How to gain bonus points:

On each of the tutorial sheets there is one task marked for the bonus points. Create on your own solution to it and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can send in solutions until Monday noon. Solutions which are send later are not taken into account. Please write your name on the solution. We will correct it and if the solution is correct except for small calculation error you will get a bonus point. These are added to the points you gain in the first exam to improve your mark. Requirement for the usage is that you pass the exam without bonus points. For the retake exam the bonus point can not be used. If we find some plagiarism non of the solutions is counted.

You will receive the correction of your solution latest on Wednesdays. Please use always your "@campus.lmu.de" email address. This is because of some security and privacy reasons.



The tutorials will be given only in person meetings.

The exercise sheets are published on Wednesday afternoon and their solutions  the following Tuesday noon. The tasks are free accessible. Please read also the legal terms for usage at the end of the page.



Registration to the exam can be done on the web page of Registration to examinations. There you will also find place and date of the exam. We will inform you in more details about rooms and starting time one or two days before exam depending when we will get the final registration list. Due to the Covid-19 pandemia we have to use less space in lecture halls, give special conditions of entrance and therefore different rooms will get a shifted starting (and of course ending) time. Please check your campus e-mail address carefully.

Remark: We have to refuse access to the exam for un-registered students.


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